Poulin Grain for Ellsworth, ME, Hancock, ME and Trenton, ME

Trust Perkco Supply, Inc. as Your Poulin Grain Supplier

Get Poulin Grain for Ellsworth, ME, Hancock, ME, and Trenton, ME at Perkco Supply, Inc. Your livestock needs quality nutrition to live a healthy life. No matter if you have deer, cows, horses, rabbits or more, Poulin Grain is the solution for your grain concerns. Poulin Grain helps support strong crop growth and quality nutrition.

Perkco Supply, Inc. carries a wide array of Poulin Grain products for your livestock. Poulin Grain’s feed supply includes dairy and poultry along with specialized feeds for your animals. Get the feed that horses, pigs, goats, and others need. Contact us at (207) 379-2900 today to learn more about what we have to offer.

Perkco Supply, Inc. Offers Healthy Animal Feeds for Ellsworth, ME

Perkco Supply, Inc. knows that the needs of every one of your animals are unique in Ellsworth, ME. Poulin Grain’s quality formula for goats, pigs, dogs, cats, wild birds, and more is unmatched. Each of the options can help you maintain your livestock’s health every day. We can help you make a decision on what feed you need.

Supplying Poulin Grain’s Opti-Milk Line for Hancock, ME

Poulin Grain also understands the dairy needs of your livestock. The Opti-Milk line is ideal to help your calves reach their full growth potential in Hancock, ME. Help them get proper digestive health – among other health benefits.

Poulin Grain’s E-TEC Line is Great for Your Horse in Trenton, ME

Perkco Supply, Inc. understands how important horses are to Trenton, ME residents. That is why we offer the E-TEC line of feed. The Fibre-Max is perfect for high fat, high fiber needs. If they need more balance with their nutrients, feed them their E-TEC balancer. The carb safe option is perfect for horses that are sensitive to the sugar and starch content of feeds.

Offering Additional Feeds that Suit Your Livestock’s Situation

Poulin Grain provides plenty of other options that help suit your livestock and cattle. Each of them takes care of a variety of needs including digestive support, dairy needs, and proper growth. Check out some of the additional great products we carry:

AlphaLine of Products

Ultra 20% Dairy/Beef Pellet

OPTI-CAF Textured Calf Starter

OPTI-HEIFER Heifer Pellet

Stock NCA Sweet 16%

Textra line of products

Egg Production Plus

Gamebird Starter/Grower Crumble 22%

Premium Layer Products

Quik Grow Broiler

Scratch Feed

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