How to Renovate Your Garden on a Budget

Assess Your Garden’s Needs

The first step to renovating your garden on a budget is a thorough assessment. Identify what needs improvement, whether it’s overgrown shrubs, worn-out paths, or outdated landscaping features. Take note of any necessary repairs, like fixing broken fences or uneven terrain. By understanding your garden’s specific needs, you can prioritize where to allocate your budget most effectively. At Perkco Supply Inc., we have the garden supplies you need to renovate your garden in Exeter, ME, and the surrounding areas.


Plan Your Budget-Friendly Garden Makeover

Effective planning is crucial when working with a limited budget. Consider these tips:

  • Set a Realistic Budget: Determine how much you can comfortably spend on your garden renovation. Be mindful of any upcoming expenses.
  • Prioritize Key Elements: Focus on the most essential aspects of your garden that need improvement. Allocate a significant portion of your budget to these areas.
  • Phased Approach: If your budget is extremely tight, consider renovating your garden in phases over time. This allows you to spread the costs and tackle one project at a time.


Smart Plant Selection and Propagation

Plants can be a significant expense in garden renovation. Save money by making smart choices:

  • Native Plants: Select native plants that are adapted to your region’s climate and require less maintenance and watering.
  • Propagate Plants: Instead of purchasing new plants, propagate from existing ones. Many plants can be easily propagated through cuttings, division, or seeds.
  • Perennials: Invest in perennial plants that come back year after year, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Buy in Bulk: Purchase plants in bulk to take advantage of discounts, especially when buying smaller-sized plants.


DIY Garden Projects and Upcycling

Embrace your DIY spirit and get creative with budget-friendly garden projects:

  • Build Your Garden Structures: Create garden structures such as raised beds, trellises, or garden benches using reclaimed or inexpensive materials.
  • Upcycling: Repurpose old containers, furniture, or garden decor to add unique character to your garden.
  • Compost: Start a compost pile to create nutrient-rich soil for your garden, reducing the need for expensive fertilizers.
  • Mulch and Paths: Use organic mulch or gravel for garden paths instead of expensive hardscaping materials.


By following these budget-friendly garden renovation tips, you can achieve a transformed garden without breaking the bank. Perkco Supply Inc. in Exeter, ME, offers affordable garden supplies and expert advice to help you achieve your garden renovation goals.


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