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Starting and Raising Chicks

Essential Tips from Perkco Supply Inc. to Help You Raise Healthy Chicks 

Raising chicks can be an enriching experience, whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out with your backyard flock. You can buy your chicks at Perkco Supply Inc. We have a convenient online chicks order form that allows you to select what kind of chicks you want. The prices are listed on the order form.  We’re passionate about providing quality care and products to help you raise healthy, happy chickens in Exeter, ME, and surrounding areas. We are going to provide some essential tips to guide you through the process.


Choose the Right Breed

Selecting the right breed of chicks is the first step in starting a successful flock. Consider factors such as egg production, temperament, and climate suitability. Whether you’re interested in layers, broilers, turkey poults or French guineas, choosing the right breed is essential for meeting your goals.


Provide a Suitable Brooder

Creating a suitable brooder is crucial for the well-being of your chicks during their early weeks. Choose a draft-free area and provide a heat source to maintain the temperature around 95°F for the first week, gradually decreasing it as they grow. Ensure proper ventilation and adequate space to prevent overcrowding.


Nutrition is Key

A balanced diet is essential for the growth and development of your chicks. Start with a high-quality chick starter feed containing around 20-22% protein. Provide fresh water and transition to grower feed as they mature. Proper nutrition lays the foundation for healthy chickens.


Maintain Cleanliness

Good hygiene is crucial for preventing disease and maintaining the health of your flock. Clean the brooder regularly, removing soiled bedding and providing fresh material. Keep feeders and waterers clean and free of debris to prevent contamination.


Socialization and Handling

Handle your chicks gently and frequently to help them become accustomed to human interaction. This will make them easier to manage as they grow older. Introduce them to different environments gradually to reduce stress and promote socialization.


Plan for Outdoor Housing When Raising Chicks

As your chicks mature, plan for outdoor housing such as a coop and run. Ensure the coop is predator-proof and provides adequate shelter, ventilation, and space for your growing flock. Provide nesting boxes for laying hens and collect eggs regularly.


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